The annual registration fee of $85.00 ($65.00 for Church members and additional children per family) is due when submitting your application and is non-refundable.


The annual activity fee of $55.00 is due in the month of July.  The activity fee covers the cost of enrichment activities that come to the Preschool.  Some examples of past activities are storyteller and musicman Jeff Beatman, a Broken Road Petting Farm, The Richmond History Center, The Science Place and much more.


Tuition is divided into nine equal monthly payments for your convenience.  The attendance days in each month may vary due to holidays, etc.  The tuition rates for the 2020/2021 school year are as follows:


NOTE:  Our calendar and fees include one “built-in” week for inclement weather.

                   2 Day 2 year old Program/Extended Day Program           $155 per month/ $180 per month

                   3 Day 2 year old program/Extended Day Program           $180 per month/ $205 per month

                   2's Mom's Monday Mornings Out                                        $45 per month

                   3 Day Three Year Old/Extended Day Program                    $190 per month / $215 per month

                   4 Day Three Old/Extended Day Program                             $215 per month/ $240 per month

                   3 Day Four Year Old/Extended Day Program                      $210 per month/$235 per month

                   4 Day Four Year Old/Extended Day Program                      $235 per month / $250 per month     



Checks should be made payable to Central Baptist Church Preschool and are due the first of each month, July through April.  The September tuition payment is due by August 1st.  The one time Activity fee is due by July 1st.  Please include your child’s name on the memo line of the check.  This will insure that your payment is recorded accurately.  Tuition is considered late when not received by the tenth of the month and a $15.00 late fee is then applied to your account.  Late fees will not be waived.  Tuition will not be refunded for temporary absences.  Thirty days written notice to the Director is required to withdraw a child without obligation to pay further tuition.


A $30.00 fee will be charged for any returned check.






The Preschool shall maintain a maximum enrollment of 126 children.  The Preschool Director will review all applications and approve or deny enrollment.  No discrimination will be made because of race, creed, or color.






The first week of enrollment will be open to current enrollees and church members.  Parents will be notified of the dates for registration in advance.  All applications will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.


Once a class fills, a waiting list will be established and parents will be contacted if space becomes available.  A $85.00 non-refundable registration fee is due with the application.


       Entrance Requirements:

          2 Year Old Program – must be 2 years old upon entering

          3 Year Old Program – must be 3 years old by September 30th

          4 Year Old Program – must be 4 years old by or near September 30th

          5 Year Old Program – must be 5 years old by or near September 30th


All Registration papers must be filled out completely and signed.  Please pay close attention to the Emergency Contact Information requested.  It is important that we have a local contact person in case we cannot reach you in an emergency.


A current immunization/health form is required annually.  You will need to download this form directly from the Virginia Department of Health website.**download the form here -> VA Department of Health Form** IT IS STATE LAW THAT YOUR CHILD MAY NOT ATTEND CLASS UNTIL HIS/HER HEALTH FORM IS COMPLETELY FILLED OUT, SIGNED AND ON FILE AT SCHOOL.


If this is your child’s first year at Central Baptist Preschool, please bring a certified copy of their birth certificate when you come to register.






Central Baptist Preschool began its weekday preschool education program in 1975.  The preschool was originally founded and directed by Mrs. Ruby Cashion, an ardent advocate for children’s ministries and a long time member of Central Baptist Church.  During its rich history it has grown from servicing one class of children to our current size of eight classes and a capacity of one hundred and twenty-six students.  Central Baptist Church Preschool is proud of its history and providing the best in preschool education in a loving Christian environment.  Central Baptist Church Preschool is a ministry of Central Baptist Church.






Central Baptist Church Preschool is a half-day program operated by Central Baptist Church.  It is a non-profit organization and meets all the qualifications for a licensed religious exempt preschool program.  During the 2020/2021 school year we will serve children ages two through five.  Central Baptist Church Preschool is an organization of Central Baptist Church.  The school is managed by a Director who reports to the Pastor, the Personnel Committee and the Finance Committee.  Central Baptist Church Preschool is covered by liability insurance which provides coverage in the event someone brings suit against Central Baptist Church.






Christian teachers will provide a warm and loving environment in which your child may grow and learn.  That each child is special to God is the spiritual foundation of how he treats other persons or property.  Firm and loving guidance and discipline will be based on these principles.  God’s world will be brought into the classroom in art, music and other activities.  Each family’s specific beliefs or doctrines will be respected.


All families are invited to attend any service or special event that is offered at Central Baptist Church throughout the year.






The purpose of the weekday education program is to provide quality care and instruction for preschool age children that will promote their mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development.


Christian teachers will provide a warm, safe, and loving environment in which your child may grow and learn.  We believe that every child is unique and special.  We are committed to offering the best care and high quality early childhood education program for your child.






The goals and objectives of the program are designed to meet the needs of each child through a “hands on” developmentally appropriate approach.  Each class, through its curriculum, will provide opportunities for your child to grow and develop in these areas:

  • Develop oral language skills

  • Increase self confidence

  • Become more independent

  • Begin to use problem solving strategies

  • Work to display attitudes of kindness, helpfulness and cooperation with others

  • Develop fine and gross motor skills

  • Broaden individual interests

  • Experience music and movement in a variety of ways

  • Develop early reading, writing and math skills

  • Participate in daily reading activities

  • Improve social skills

  • Strengthen skills in listening

  • Follow simple directions and accept limits

  • Use a variety of supplies to create artwork

  • Expand their imagination

  • Begin to develop a life long love of learning






Children enrolled will be expected to continue in classes throughout the school year.  Thirty days written notice at the beginning of the month is required to withdraw a child without obligation to pay further tuition.  In addition, if you are more than one month behind in tuition payments and arrangements have not been made with the Preschool for payment, your child will be withdrawn from the program.


Central Baptist Church Preschool has the right to refuse or withhold services on any given day for any reason or no reason at all.  We have the right to terminate services at any time.


Biting and other aggressive behavior:

Biting can be a developmentally appropriate form of communication for some children under the age of three who are still developing oral language skills.  Biting by a child who is over the age of three, however, is considered a behavioral response.  Every effort will be made by the Preschool and its staff to help a child with a tendency to bite.  However, the safety and wellbeing of all Preschool children is our first priority.  If a child is unable to control their biting and or other aggressive behaviors, such as but not limited to continued hitting or pushing, he or she may be removed from our program.






The staff of Central Baptist Church Preschool must be certified annually by a practicing physician to be free from any disability which would prevent them from caring for children.  They must have a tuberculosis screening upon employment.


The staff shall submit to a Criminal Background Check upon employment and subsequent checks every three years.  No staff shall have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor related to abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children or adults.


The staff will be selected by the Central Baptist Church Personnel Committee based on the recommendation of the Preschool Director.  Teachers possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and/or have several years experience teaching preschool children.  Teacher Assistants have a minimum of a high school education.  Teacher Assistants also have at least two years experience working with preschool children.  All staff must demonstrate a love of children, passion for teaching and a positive Christian attitude.


The Preschool Director must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and be thoroughly trained in Early Childhood Education.  It is preferred that the Preschool Director be a member of Central Baptist Church.







Virginia state law requires us to have an immunization and health report on file prior to the first day of school.  All children enrolled must have received immunizations as required by the public schools and have completed a physical examination within six months prior to entering school.  Immunization/Health forms must be resubmitted annually.  If this is your child’s first year at Central Baptist Preschool, please bring a certified copy of their birth certificate when you come to register.



A Medical Emergency:

An “Emergency Authorization Form” must also be returned to the Preschool before the first day of classes.  It is important that we have up to date and correct medical information so that we may take the appropriate steps in the event of a medical emergency.  State law requires us to have this information on file and it must be signed.  Please report any allergies or special needs to your child’s teacher.


In the event of an accident, the parents will be called immediately.  Our staff will administer emergency procedures.  If the parent or emergency contact person cannot be reached, the Director will call the child’s physician or 911.  Your child’s teacher and the Director or another staff member will accompany your child to the hospital if a medical transport is necessary.




It is vital to safeguard the health of all children enrolled at Central Baptist Church Preschool.  Each child will be given a daily health screening upon arrival.  Any child showing signs of illness will not be able to attend school that day.  If there are signs of communicable disease, the child should be left at home until the symptoms have subsided.


Children with the following symptoms should be excluded from school:

  • Diarrhea in the past 24 hours

  • Fever – must be fever free for 24 hours

  • Vomited in the past 24 hours


You may be called to pick up your child if he/she does not feel well enough to participate comfortably in the usual activities.  If your child is ill and will not be coming to school, we ask that you call the Preschool office and leave a message.  Please notify the Preschool immediately if your child has a contagious disease or illness so that other parents in the class can be notified.  The notification will not contain your child’s name.  Thank you!



Hand Washing:

All staff is required to follow hand washing procedures.  The children will wash their hands before snack, after toileting, after recess, and immediately following craft projects.  Instant hand sanitizer may also be used throughout the school day.




Our staff is not medically trained and therefore we WILL NOT administer any medications – prescription or non-prescription medication (non-prescription medications include, but are not limited to, Tylenol, cough syrup, diaper ointment, sunscreen, and topical insect repellents) with the exception of a medication required in a life-threatening emergency (i.e. epipen).  Our staff is appropriately trained to administer the epipen.



First Aid Training:

We are required to have at least one Preschool staff member trained in first aid. However, we feel that the safety of our children is too important to have only one person trained, and therefore have the majority of our staff certified in First Aid training and CPR by the American Red Cross.




Please think of your child’s comfort during all school activities by providing clothes that are simple for toileting, are washable, and are sturdy for playground activities.  Shorts or slacks, comfortable shirts, and tennis shoes will maximize your child’s opportunities for physical development.  Please do NOT send your child to school in their very best clothes or shoes.  Preschool is a fun place to play and learn, and we do get a little messy at times.  Also, open toed shoes, sandals, flip flops, crocs and some boots are not ideal for playground play.  For your child’s safety, do not send your child to school in the above mentioned shoes.  If your child arrives in shoes that are not appropriate for the playground, he or she will not be permitted to play on all areas of the playground.  Please be aware of the weather for the day, and send in appropriate outerwear when needed.  Please mark all removable clothing with your child’s name.



Change of Clothes:

Please send a change of clothes in your child’s book bag each day.  A change of clothes should include a pair of pants, a shirt, a pair of socks and a pair of underwear.  Please place the clothes in a plastic freezer bag labeled with your child’s name.  The clothes will only be removed from the bag if your child needs to have their clothes changed.  The soiled clothes will then be returned to you in the freezer bag.  Please be mindful of the season and include clothes that would be appropriate for the weather.


Potty Training Requirements:

Children entering the 3's, 4's or Pre-K programs must be potty trained.  We understand that children do have accidents.  However, it becomes problematic when older children consistently have accidents since our classrooms are not equipped for diaper changing.



Each day your child should bring a nutritious snack to school.  Please send a snack that is non-sweet and that your child can eat independently.  Some examples are:  bananas, pretzels, raisins, carrot sticks, cheese and crackers and granola bars.  Please do not send in prepackaged fruit cups as they are difficult to open and spill easily.  Please do not send peanuts, popcorn, whole grapes or other snacks that might cause choking.


A cup of water will be provided but you may send in a juice or drink box for your child.  Please refrain from sending “Capri Sun” drinks as they are difficult to open.  Please send the snack in a brown paper bag clearly marked with the child’s name or in a lunch box with their name clearly marked.  Please place the snack bag inside your child’s book bag.


The teachers will stress nutrition and good manners at snack time.  Occasionally your child will have the opportunity to prepare special foods at school.  We ask that you send in a healthy snack for your child even on these days.  This will insure that they have something that they like available.  We will always send any unopened snack home.



Lunch (Extended Day Classes Only):

Each day your child should bring a nutritious lunch to school.  Please send in a lunch that is non-sweet and that your child can eat independently.  Some examples include sandwiches, chips or crackers, carrot sticks, an apple or banana, granola bar, etc. We are not equipped to microwave or heat meals for your child at     school.  Please do not send in prepackaged fruit cups as they are difficult to open and spill easily.  Please do not include candy in your child’s lunch.  We will provide a cup of water or you may send in a drink box for your child.  Please pack your child’s lunch separately from your child’s snack and please be sure to label your child’s lunch with his or her name.



Peanut or other food allergies:

Over the last several years we have seen an increase in peanut and other food allergies among our children.  We have put many safeguards into place to protect any child from coming in contact with something that he or she may have an allergic reaction to.  A few of our staff members have had additional training on how to protect our children and how to administer an epipen should that become necessary.


If your child has a classmate who has a life threatening allergy to a food product, you will be asked to limit your child’s snack/lunch to not include this particular item.  Please adhere to these restrictions. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.  Your child’s teacher will make you aware of any possible allergies in your child’s class.








Holidays and scheduled closings correspond closely to the Chesterfield County Public Schools calendar.  Please check our school calendar for exact dates.  School closings due to inclement weather or unexpected events will correspond exactly with Chesterfield County Public Schools.  For example, if Chesterfield County Schools announce an early dismissal due to inclement weather, please come to pick up your child immediately.  These closings will be announced on local radio and television stations as well as on the internet.


Should Chesterfield County Schools open one hour late, we shall open one hour late.  Should Chesterfield County Schools open two hours late, we will not open.  Should Chesterfield County Schools close for the day, we will be closed for the day.


Inclement weather days are built-in to the annual calendar. The following is a list of inclement weather days that are built into the calendar.


2 Day Program – 2 Days

3 Day Program – 3 Days

4 Day Program – 4 Days


Missed school days for inclement weather will be made up at the discretion of the preschool director.  No tuition will be refunded for missed days due to inclement weather.







Daily Hours:

School hours are 9:35 a.m. to 12:35 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 9:35 a.m. to 1:35 p.m. for the Extended Day 3’s Program, 4’s Program and Pre-Kindergarten. We strongly encourage all 3, 4, and 5 year olds to utilize our car pool arrival procedures. No child should arrive before 9:35 a.m.  If you do arrive before 9:35a.m., we ask that you please wait in the main lobby of the church until the bell rings.  At that time please direct your child to their room.  There are teachers positioned throughout the corridors to assist with this.  We always welcome parents to visit and observe us.  However, teachers are very busy at arrival time greeting their students and starting their day.  Please understand, teachers cannot conference with you at that time.  If you need to communicate with your child's teacher please send a note in the communication folder.  Please always feel free to call the Director in the Preschool office at 794-4652 for any concerns or ideas.  Each child should be picked up PROMPTLY at 12:35 p.m./1:35p.m. for Extended Day.  Any parent who arrives late (not in the pick up line by 12:45/1:45) shall receive a “late pick up fee” of $10.00.  An additional charge of $1.00 per minute will be added for each minute the child must wait.




Parents shall provide or arrange for transportation to and from school for their child.  We will NOT release a child to any adult who is not listed on the child’s registration papers, unless special permission from the parent is received.  If someone different will be picking up your child at dismissal, you must notify your child’s teacher in writing that day.  Without this notification, the child will NOT be released until a parent can be contacted.  You may contact the Director at any time during the school year to add authorized people to your registration papers.







Preschool staff will be at the end of the sidewalk to open car doors and greet children between 9:35 a.m. and 9:55 a.m. each day.  Other staff members are stationed throughout the building to make sure each child arrives safely in their classroom.  Please DO NOT let your child out of the car to walk in on their own. In order to keep the line of cars moving, we ask that you have your child ready to unload when you pull up to the sidewalk.  Remember to put your car in “park” as your child exits the vehicle.  We will not walk any child in front of a car.  For this reason, please have your child seated on the passenger side of your car.  Please have seatbelts unbuckled and coats and backpacks on when the teacher assistant opens the door.  Children in our 2’s classes will need to be brought into their classroom by a parent each day.



Cell Phones and Arrival and Dismissal:

For the safety of the children in our care and the safety of our staff, we will not permit cell phone usage by the person driving the vehicle during arrival and dismissal times.  It is important that the driver not be distracted while placing his or her car into park or while his or her child leaves or enters the vehicle.  If the driver of a vehicle is on the telephone, we will not assist his or her child from the vehicle or place the child in the vehicle.  Thank you for your help in keeping our children and preschool staff safe.



Late Arrival/Early Pick Up:

It is important that children arrive at school on time.  When a child arrives late, he/she may miss important activities.  In the event that your child arrives late for school, you must walk your child to his/her classroom to assure they have arrived safely.  It is not safe and not permissible to drop a child off and assume they will get to their classroom on their own.


If your child needs to leave school early due to an appointment, etc., please send a note in on that day or call the school.  We will do our best to have your child ready for you when you arrive.  You will need to sign your child out in the Preschool office.






The Preschool provides a large name sign for each child, with a color block that corresponds to their nametag and your child’s class color.  Should your sign become lost or damaged, please send a note and we will make another one for you.  We ask that you display the name sign(s) in your car window as soon as you enter the dismissal lines.  Remember to put your car in “park” as your children are being put in the vehicle.  If you choose to come in and pick up your child, please park in the main parking lot and enter the school through the main lobby doors.  Parents will not be permitted to enter through the dismissal doors at the rear of the church as it may disrupt the children lining up to go home.  Dismissal is a very busy time and it is very helpful if you use the dismissal system.  Children in our 2’s classes will need to be picked up in their classroom by a parent each day.






Parents are WELCOME to visit and observe us at anytime!  Please keep in mind that the teachers are very busy with the children once the school day has started and therefore, it is impossible for the teacher to conference with you during this time.  We do want to hear from you and would be glad to respond to a note or give you a call after school.  If you ever have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or great ideas, please write a note, call or e-mail the Director in the Preschool office at 794-4652 or melissawest@cbcrichmond.org.







All teachers will conduct at least one Parent/Teacher Conference during the school year.  A minimum of one phone conference will be conducted with parents in addition to the Parent/Teacher conference.  During these conference times, your child’s teacher will review how your child is adjusting to school and answer any questions you may have.  A written progress report will be completed in March by your child’s teacher.  If at anytime during the school year you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the Director to request additional conferences.



Items from Home:

Please leave all personal toys at home.  We are concerned that personal toys may get broken or lost at school, and it is often very difficult to share a prized possession.  Teachers may ask children to bring in items to share with the class.  In this case, you will be notified by your child’s teacher.  Always feel free to consult your teacher if your child would like to share something that would interest the class or coincides with a unit of study.



Communication Folders:

Your child’s teacher will provide you with a folder.  Please place any notes to your child’s teacher inside this folder and return it to school in the tote bag each day.   Also, please remember to check your child’s folder each day for important notes from school.




Birthdays may be celebrated at school per the teacher’s schedule.  Children may bring a simple treat to share with the class on their special day.  Please make specific arrangements with your child’s teacher in advance.  Please keep in mind that this celebration should be simple and not lengthy.  No balloons please.  It is our policy not to pass out personal invitations to a child’s birthday unless every child in the class is invited.



Party Days:

Several party days will be planned throughout the year.  Your child’s teacher will have a sign up sheet at Parent Orientation or Open House if you would like to sign up to help at a party.  You do not have to attend, but may want to help by sending in a snack, drinks, etc.   Thank you for your help and support!




One can never be too careful when it comes to the safety and security of our children.  Although we have never had a situation to cause concern, the school/church doors will be locked to the outside during school hours.  If you wish to visit the school you will need to press the intercom button on the outside of the main door to gain admittance to the building.  Additionally, all of our classroom doors are equipped with school safety locks.  This means that the door is locked to the outside to prevent someone from entering but is always unlocked from the inside.  Only Preschool personnel have keys to the classroom doors.  Additionally each classroom has a walkie talkie so we can communicate at any time in case of emergency.         



Tuition Payments:

You have several options when it comes to making your monthly tuition payments.  You may always mail your payments directly to the school or you may bring payments directly to the office.  Please be advised that we are not open daily during the summer and hours may vary.  Also, if you visit the office during our arrival or dismissal times there may not be anyone in the office to assist you.  If you have a non-cash payment, you may leave your tuition in the payment drop box which is just outside the office door.  Once the school year has begun you are welcome to place your tuition payments directly in your child’s folder.  You may also hand deliver any payments to the Director during arrival or dismissal.  At this time we are able to accept check and cash forms of payment.  If you choose to make a cash payment, you must deliver your payment directly to the preschool office.  



School Supplies:

The Preschool will provide pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, glue sticks, markers, etc. for all children registered in the program.  The purchase of school supplies is included as part of our registration fee.




In order to keep our tuition costs and fees as low as possible, we ask that parents donate a couple of items during the school year.  Each child will be asked to provide these items during one month of the school year and each class will be assigned a different month.  We hope this will help us maximize our storage   space.  These items will be used by your child’s class during the course of the year.  We would very much appreciate:

A package of disinfecting wipes

A package of paper towels 

A bottle of foaming hand soap

A container of baby wipes (these are wonderful for many of our art projects) and/or one bottle of hand sanitizer

If we begin to run out of a particular item we may make an additional request in a monthly Newsletter.  Also, teachers may request additional items for the classroom during the school year.  If you feel led to give in this area, it would be very much appreciated.


We want to maintain a wonderful and professional relationship with all of our parents throughout the school year.  We always enjoy getting to know the families of the children we teach but want to ensure that we are providing the very best atmosphere for your child’s learning, therefore, teachers will not be permitted to be Facebook friends with parents of children in their class during the school year. We appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance for allowing the teachers to keep their private life private.